Key Strategies for Running a Family Office for Fund Managers

Today I release my newest book, The Family Office Book: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent. I worked on this book for over 400 hours, interviewed over 30 family office executives, and included 29 free video modules. This book is worth at least $20,000, and I believe it will become a bestseller today.  To secure your copy of the book, just follow this link:

Understanding the basics of the family office industry is essential if you want to succeed in establishing a successful fund for a wealthy family. That's where The Family Office Book comes in. Outlining key strategies for family offices, from what a family office is to how the industry operates, and important global differences, the book is packed with interviews with experts from leading family offices.

Providing readers with need-to-know tips and tools to succeed, The Family Office Book gives current and future practitioners everything they need to know about this popular segment of the financial industry.
  • Includes investment criteria, presented as a roadmap showing how several family offices are allocating capita
  • Outlines strategies for fund managers of all types, including mutual funds, real estate funds, private equity, and hedge funds on raising capital in this field
  • Features interviews with the most famous and sought after family offices to give real-life examples of successful family offices in action
A comprehensive and reliable resource, The Family Office Book details exactly how family offices are choosing investment managers and why, and how, to break into the industry.  Order your copy today:

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GAIM International 2012

GAIM International 2012

Join 800 Attendees in Monaco 18-20 June | 15% Discount

The GAIM International Monaco Conference is the largest and longest running hedge fund event in Europe and I have secured an exclusive discount to attend this event.  I was able to attend last year's GAIM International conference and I found it to be a great opportunity to meet with investors and top hedge fund managers from around the world.

Join 800 global attendees in Monaco 18-20 June – get a 15% discount by quoting VIP: FKN2333HFB

Here are some of the many benefits for attending GAIM International this year:

  • Meet 250 investors active in alternatives & 400 international hedge fund managers
  • Hear from 150 speakers including powerful end investors such as Colorado Fire & Police Pension, CERN Pension Fund, Barclays Pension Fund, Howard Hughes Medical Centre Investment Office, MN Services, University of Richmond, Grosvenor Estate, Julius Baer Pension Fund, Teachers’ Retirement System of Texas…
  • Discover the best performing strategies of 2012 and how to make money in volatile times: Discussions on Global Macro, CTA, Credit, Distressed Debt, Emerging Markets, Commodities, Niche Strategies, Tail Risk & Forex and more
  • Participate in structured networking to meet the right investor for your fund - see details of which strategies each investor is interested in, join small investor roundtables and strategy clinics
  • Make brief introductions and exchange 25 business cards in 25 minutes during Investor/Manager Speed Networking
  • Promote your fund in the delegate Quickfire Showcase – impress investors and entertain fellow attendees – your 90 seconds on the podium
  • Hear debate on limits of macroeconomic policy with Niall Ferguson, Harvard University and Jamil Baz, GLG Partners
  • Get inspired by Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal and first investor in Facebook
  • Connect with attendees and schedule meetings 2 weeks before the event using the GAIM app

Register online here:

Email: Telephone: +44 (0)20 7017 7200

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Japan Hedge Fund Event

Japan Hedge Fund Event

Capturing Market Opportunities While Suppressing Portfolio Volatility

If you are looking to attend a hedge fund conference in Japan, the 6th-annual Hedge Fund Investments Japan Congress is a chance to hear from top fund managers and institutional investors. I had the opportunity to speak at this event last year and it was a great experience and a well-organized forum. At the Hedge Fund Investments Japan Congress, you will learn about the hedge fund market in Japan, strategies for attracting capital and achieving strong returns for your investors and much more.


Packed with Brand New Content, New Exciting Features and More Distinguished Speakers.
New “Rain-Makers” Sessions!New Emerging Managers PitchLegendary Japan Strategist Insight
Japanese Pension Investors Panel. Find out what they expect.
Top Managers Panel. Uncover the best sources of return by top fund managers regionally and worldwide.
Emerging Manager Panel. Can they deliver the alpha?
What is the top Japan strategist seeing that you haven’t?
An Exciting New ProgrammeRegister Now!Who Will I Meet?
2 Days of Unparalleled Hedge Fund Content!Unveiling the most promising hedge fund strategies, best investment opportunities and investors’ allocation rationale
Why Leave It Till Later?Ensure you save a spot in your calendar for Japan’s most important hedge fund event. Register now.
The 6th Annual Hedge Fund Investments Japan Congress is a must-attend event for the hedge funds community. With a six year track record of bringing together leading personalities – key institutional investors, top fund managers and rising stars, it is the key deal-making marketplace for Japan.

Over 60 institutional investors and fund managers have confirmed their attendance!

2012 will deliver brand new content, focusing on the most pressing issues on the minds of fund managers, and Japanese and global investors.

Find out:

  • How do fund managers attract capital and deliver returns in markets that appear irrational?
  • How can investors better suppress portfolio volatility?
  • Where are the best investment opportunities?
Apart these issues, Hedge Fund Investments Japan Congress 2012 attendees can look forward to an enriching programme providing you with a comprehensive overview of the hedge fund market in Japan and beyond. A range of key stakeholders will share their insights to help you navigate the current environment. These include:
  • Leading fund managers: Perspectives on successful investment strategies that suppress volatility
  • Investors: Outlook on investing in the current climate and what they are looking for in the new investment era
  • Key experts and thought leaders: Updates on Japan’s best investment opportunities and the macroeconomic outlook
  • Emerging managers: Discussion on how they are generating alpha with innovative strategies and how they are raising capital
  • Regulators: View on investing in the new regulatory and economic paradigm
    Check out the content-rich programme here!
    Hedge Fund Investments Japan Congress brings together the "who's who" of hedge fund investment in Japan and beyond. With key decision-makers and top influencers all gathered at one place, it is an unparalleled platform for business introductions and top-quality discussions.
    Takeshi Ito, Senior Portfolio Manager, for the AISIN Employees' Pension Fund, explains that extremely low interest rates, volatile equity markets, and financial crises that have occurred every few years, making the investing environment stressfully difficult.
    “Pension funds are striving to make a profit on their investments under these stringent circumstances. Our objectives toward hedge fund investments has become increasingly multi-faceted: securing absolute yearly returns, as alternatives to equity and bond investments (based on pursuit of the same returns with lower risk than equity markets, or similar risk-return but from products uncorrelated to equities), and as tail hedges are some examples of hedge fund objectives. The variety of hedge fund strategies may meet specific cross-sections of investors’ needs, but may simultaneously be obscuring what we pension funds desire from hedge fund investments,” he said.
    David Bridge, an Associate at Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company, believe that from a relative value perspective Japan does present opportunities for alpha generation.
    “We feel that Japan does present opportunities for alpha generation, particularly from a relative value perspective given the liquidity, shorting availability and the presence of stock and sector level dispersion in the Japanese market. The market structure, including economic differences in export-oriented versus domestic sectors, cross-company differences in the level of foreign versus domestic investor participation, and limited sell side coverage of the mid-cap space, also presents opportunities for Japan-focused managers to exploit market inefficiencies. In our opinion, higher quality Japanese funds tend to reflect this opportunity set, with a somewhat greater focus on relative value trading than often seen elsewhere, and a focus on the unique structural characteristics of the Japanese market,” he said.

    Be first to hear the latest news

    VIP Institutional Investor Passes

    Institutional investors qualified by our team are eligible for complimentary VIP attendee passes.
    Contact us today at if you think you qualify to meet Japan and Asia’s best performing hedge fund managers!

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    Family Office Capital Raising Team

    Richard Wilson Capital Partners now Offers a Dedicated Family Office Capital Raising Team to Institutional-Quality Fund Managers

    Portland, OR March 19th, 2012 -- Third party marketing firm, Richard Wilson Capital Partners, now provides institutional-quality investment funds with capital raising services exclusively targeting family office investors.  Richard Wilson, founder and chief executive officer, has nearly ten years of experience capital raising and working in the hedge fund industry having raised more than $250
    million for his past clients.  The Richard Wilson Capital team leverages their knowledge and experience in alternative investments and the family office industry to connect best-of-breed fund managers with family office investors.

    CEO Richard Wilson sees family offices as the most undervalued source of capital for alternative investment funds.  "Family offices have unique needs and a consistent interest in alternative investment fund managers," Richard explains,  "but even large multi-billion dollar fund managers often do not have a  dedicated marketing team focused on family office investors." This is especially surprising, Richard notes, given the size of the industry and the level of assets these investors control.  Recent estimates suggest the number of family offices could be as high as 10,000 globally, with each family office typically controlling over $500m each in client assets.

    In light of the recent surge in family offices in the U.S. and around the world in countries like Singapore and Brazil, Richard Wilson Capital is laser-focused on connecting institutional-quality fund managers with family office investors.  After spending years working with family offices and training top-tier hedge funds on fund marketing, Richard sees it as a natural fit.  "I have raised capital from family offices before, and I founded and currently run the largest association of family office professionals, the Family Offices Group, which as of today has 39,874 total members.  Connecting hedge funds and family offices is a natural extension of my past capital raising experience and current involvement with family offices on a day-to-day basis."

    Richard Wilson Capital Partners is actively seeking institutional quality fund managers to retain as long-term clients.  Richard may be reached at

    About Richard Wilson, founder and CEO of Richard Wilson Capital Partners

    Richard is a capital raising expert, and well-known figure in the family office industry, he has spoken at over 50 alternative investment and family office conferences in locations such as Monaco, New York, Liechtenstein, Moscow, Tokyo, Boston, Brussels, Cayman Islands and Singapore. He is also a best-selling author, having written several books including a best-selling book on hedge funds, The Hedge Fund Book, The Family Office Book: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent, both published by Wiley Finance.  To work with Richard please email him at

    About the Family Offices Group

    The Family Offices Group is an industry association with 39,874 members from around the globe.  The association is now four years old and offers a family office training program, events, and industry resources.  If you want to learn more about the Family Offices Group please visit

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    Hedge Fund Market and Reference Data Providers

    Hedge Fund Market & Reference Data Providers

    Xignite is the leading cloud services provider of on-demand financial market data and award-winning on-demand data distribution solutions. Xignite's market data cloud fulfills more than five billion service requests per month and offers more than 50 financial Web Services providing real-time, historical and reference data for global equities, commodities, currencies, options, fixed income, mutual funds, derivatives and OTC instruments.

    Xignite solutions power mission-critical applications for front, back and mid-office, investor relations, dashboards, e-commerce, wireless applications and financial websites for more than 900 clients in 47 countries, including Citi, GE, Wells Fargo, ING, BNY Mellon, Natixis, Dow Jones,, SeekingAlpha, ExxonMobil, Starbucks, and Barrick Gold. The award-winning XigniteOnDemand cloud platform also powers on-demand market data distribution solutions for stock exchanges, trading venues, OTC brokers and market data originators including the CME Group, NASDAQ OMX, BGCantor and Pearson.

    To learn more please visit or call Toll-Free: 1-866-XML-SOAP (1-866-965-7627)

    To have your listing added to this page please email Richard at

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    Capital Raising Conference Speaker: Richard C. Wilson

    I have been a capital raising speaker at over 50 conferences and workshops.  I have dedicated myself to becoming a top speaker on raising capital and I have engaged a few of the top speaking coaches in the world in that process. 

    If you need someone experienced, confident, and focused on providing value instead of pitching an offering please consider booking me for that responsibility. 

    I personally have raised over $200M within the industry, I have trained over 1,000 hedge fund managers face-to-face on capital raising best practices, and since I often hold full day workshops on capital raising I can easily come up with 10-15 topics on capital raising that will fit the theme of your conference.

    To book me for your next capital raising or investment conference, or to read 25+ reasons why we should work together for your next conference please click here.

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    Hedge Fund Software

    Hedge Fund Software

    The following are paid service provider listings of some of the most well established and successful hedge fund software service providers in our industry. To be listed here email us at

    1) SGGG Portfolio Systems

    hedge fund software
    The SGGG Portfolio System provides integrated real time trade order, portfolio, and operations management tools to start-up and established hedge fund managers. The software supports multiple portfolios, strategies, asset types, currencies and custodians in a single solution.

    The software incorporates FIX connectivity, straight-through-processing, automated reconciliation, and pre-configured connections to prime brokers for trade clearing. Prime brokers can provide the full system to their hedge fund clients, or a limited version which imports positions from the prime broker and provides real-time P&L.

    Through the use of new web-based technologies the software achieves unparalleled performance, functionality and value for money.

    For more information please call +1 416 644 1861 or request a demo at

    Our Service Provider Directory:

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    Hedge Fund Accounting Services

    Hedge Fund Accounting Services


    Since 1974, Arthur Bell has earned a solid reputation in the hedge fund industry for our experience, client service and quality assurance. We provide audit, tax, performance analysis, investor representation, and consulting services to hedge funds, funds of funds, CTAs, commodity pools, investment advisers, and broker-dealers in the United States, Cayman Islands, and worldwide.

    As a member of the Center for Audit Quality of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, our firm receives peer reviews for quality and independence and has received the highest available rating. Arthur Bell is also registered with and subject to inspection by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, which allows our firm to conduct audits of SEC registrants, hedge funds sponsored by Registered Investment Advisers, and broker-dealers.

    Learn more by contacting Bob Zink, CPA  at (410) 771-0001 x115,, or online at

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    Hedge Fund Startup Services

    Hedge Fund Startup Services

    Guide to Reviewing Hedge Fund Startup Services

    I recently contributed an article to Investopedia titled, "A Guide to Hedge Fund Startup Services."  This guide is based on my experience working with hedge fund startups and provides you with practical tips for reviewing hedge fund startup services.

    I cover several important areas for hedge fund startups including: constructing a board of advisors, fund formation services, third party marketers, compliance and regulation advisory, prime brokerage services, fund administration services, annual fund auditing services, training and certifications, and, finally, associations and networking groups.  If you would like to read more about how to start a hedge fund please visit to get your copy of my e-book.
    Within this short article we are going to quickly review some options, service providers and processes you can follow while starting up your hedge fund so you will have a better feel for what options are available to you.

    Board of Advisors Construction
    The common dilemma in the hedge fund industry is that everyone wants you to have a team with deep expertise and experience, often referred to as a high level of "pedigree." The problem is that if you need that great team to raise capital, how are you ever suppose to build that team when you are starting at ground zero with say $2 million in capital or even $200,000 or less in capital? One solution is to build a killer board of advisors.
    Your board could include investors in your fund, peers in the industry, friends, or those which you pay hourly or compensate in some other way to act as part of your advisory board. Your board could include investors in your fund, peers in the industry, friends, or those which you pay hourly or compensate in some other way to act as part of your advisory board. While many picky investors will quickly point out that a three-man hedge fund business with a 10-person advisory board is not an institutional quality operation, this is your quickest way of getting great consistent advice for building your hedge fund business without hiring 15 people to your team in your first few years. Read more here.

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    Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP)

    Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP)

    Tomorrow on Thursday July 7th, 2011 the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program will open again to 200 new participants. 

    We always get flooded with questions about the process you have to follow to earn the CHP designation so here is an overview of how the program works:
    1. First you must register for the program, it costs $975 for both CHP Level 1 and Level 2 when you pay for them both together.  The option is to pay for them at separate times which results in the cost being $775 for CHP Level 1 and $675 for CHP Level 2.  As you can see you save around $500 by registering for both levels at once so that is what 90%+ of our participants do currently.
    2. After registering you will automatically be emailed a receipt for your tuition payment that you can use for tax evidence, employer reimbursement, or just your own record keeping. 
    3. Our team will then be in touch with a welcome email within one business day, and a welcome folder in the mail within 10-14 days of your registration depending on what country you are based in.
    4. The rest of the hedge fund training program is self-paced and 100% online.  You may study 2 hours a week or 20 hours a week, using our study guide, the recommended readings, our practice test, and our exclusive hedge fund video training platform.  
    5. The examination is offered twice a year on June 15th and December 1st so you just need to let us know when you are going to take your examination and we will adjust the roster to reflect that testing date for you.  You must score an 80% or higher on this multiple choice and essay test which is offered online through a secure testing website used by 100's of colleges and universities for online examinations.  
    6. After you complete CHP Level 1 & Level 2 we will send you a certificate in the mail for free to wherever you are based in the world. Over 50% of our participants are from outside of the United States with a growing number in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
    Over 1,200 professionals have joined this hedge fund training and certification program to do date, the full history of the program as well as the program details are available on our website at

    p.s. I hope you do at least check out, if you have been watching us grow over the years you will note that every time we open for registration we have added new video modules, more study aides, a better study guide, or additional hedge fund job placement services.  We will not stop improving the program and we appreciate all of the feedback that we have gotten to date from the community. 

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